Outdoor Living With Indoor Comfort

Welcome to your new outdoor space solution. Starpoint Outdoor Solutions is bringing a new concept in contemporary outdoor fine dining and entertaining, direct to your garden.
Our show-stopping and contemporary garden pods are a quirky and unusual addition to your pub or restaurant garden, business premises or home, allowing you to transform your outdoor space.
The durable, transparent pods offer a panoramic view of your garden, letting in light and all the beauty of the outside regardless of the weather. The ambient temperature means your customers, or you, can venture outside all year round. And the choice of four generous-sized pods can cater for small parties and gatherings of 6 – 14, or just for you.
The pods are a perfect extension of your dining and entertaining facilities. You could feature them as an extra entertaining experience to wow your private or business clients, offer them as an attractive corporate entertaining hub or an extension to your company’s meeting facilities. If you install a pod at home, it could be an inspirational home office, an exercise space immersed in nature or simply a wonderful room in which to relax all year round.

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Pods are a statement piece for any business’ outdoor space or your home and garden. You can add one or more with no upheaval and minimal disruption, extending your outdoor footprint within hours with these easy to assemble but gorgeous architectural features.

The pods are super-tough and fire safe, and made with storm proof steel. They can withstand our coldest winters and hottest summers, managing temperatures between -40ºC and 120ºC. So whatever our seasons throw at us, you can take your indoors outside and enjoy the ambience.

To learn more about our range and to find out more about the pods and how easily you can transform your outdoor space, talk to one of the Starpoint Outdoor Solutions team about how a pod would integrate into your outdoor space.